Adado Leaning Center​

Adado Centre is a IML’s Success story. The center was established to cater the English needs of our students in that region. Adado Learning Centre offers Academic English for undergraduate students. Adado learning Centre provide all English Skills required for Academic purposes to enhance students in all subjects covered in their respective faculty. Students can receive additional online resource support with Macmillan online tutoring resource,

includes the best parts of many different learning styles. You can study English by following the natural way of learning a language. We teach English using ‘natural language acquisition the same way you learned your first language. We focus on listening and speaking and reading and writing. also offer many opportunities to practice English in real-life contexts which help you to achieve a deeper understanding of the language and teaches you how to use it in everyday situations. 

IML provides students and lecturers a territory where students can leave all distractions behind, and facilities that are easily accessible and designed to promote their English study. Everyone in the institute is committed to the improvement of students’ English knowledge. The environment that surrounds is free from indifference attitude and drudgery of formulaic, instead, IML furnishes collaborative and inducement domain, meant to produce industrious students.