Communication Skills

 The Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS) program is intended for non-academic professionals, business professionals, professionals from both political and humanitarian backgrounds, soon-to-graduate high school seniors as well as other interested groups of individuals who want to advance their English language skills from literacy levels and gain the functional language skills for successful business and daily life in a globalized environment where English is core for.

Our Advanced skills course helps you develop the language you need to use in everyday life. A wide range of topics that provoke the learners’ interest besides containing many local and international examples are covered.

AECS levels and Duration

To graduate in this programme (AECS), students must complete all the four levels of Macmillan’s Open-mind for four semesters (8 months):

  • Starter
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3


Textbooks used: Macmillan’s Open- mind and Online Resources.