IML Milestones


2016 Our first step

The Institute of Modern Languages center opened in February, SIMAD 2016. The center revolutionized English language education by introducing the IML Blended Learning Method, a practical and results-oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in English. It is a highly flexible system where learners are closely supported and encouraged. Its adaptive mixture of learning modes and approaches enables everyone to succeed, whatever their preferred learning style or previous learning experience.

2017 An External Program success – Admin Campus

The Institute of modern languages emerged very successful, and within one year one new center opened at Admin Campus. At that time, all language education entities were run like traditional schools. IML Institute approached language education with the learner at heart. The learner’s individual needs were met through personalized courses, flexible study and classes, and individual attention.

2018 Adado Learning Center - Education accessible for everyone

In 2018, The Institute of Modern Languages expanded outside of Mogadishu. Expansion continued in terms of numbers throughout the years, Institute of Modern Languages expanded into Galmudug region, which has grown to be a significant part of the program.


Tested and proven expertise

The Institute of Modern Languages has established itself as an expert in the industry. IML successfully proved that its English language courses are aligned to the globally recognized and respected Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR) English Proficiency Scales.

2019 A new approach

In 2019, the institute launched a transformation program to change the way the world learns English. The institute started Advanced English Communication Skills to cater for individuals who wishes to add value on their journey to a better future by helping them learn English.

To this day

The Institute of Modern Languages has 3 learning centers located in Mogadishu and Galmudug territories in Somalia. Utilizing all centers, Institute of Modern Languages has provided instruction to over 10 thousand people with a current enrollment of over 1,000 students.