Mission & Vision

The mission of the English Skills Program has two parts of equal importance. The first goal is to facilitate leaners’ progress in English proficiency and study skills needed for success in academic coursework at an English language medium university. The ESP aids students in the acquisition of English while they are engaged in study of their degree programs at SU.

The second goal of the ESP is to facilitate the development and best practices of English language teaching and learning. Faculty and staff of the ESP are encouraged to participate in classroom-based research, inquiry and reflection and to engage in ongoing professional development activities. The ESP provides a supporting learning environment for students, staff and faculty alike.


To be a global leader in developing a sustainable and effective model of academic excellence in the field of English language acquisition.


To equip learners with the academic English skills to succeed in any postsecondary institution and beyond through effective application of the latest, best practices in language teaching, learning and technology.