English Short Courses​

Proposed English Short courses are courses designed to help professionals develop confidence and skill in using English for communication in writing. Course content revolves around academic and business correspondence writing in a professional manner. While learning about developing writing skills, students practice listening and reading in context and develop oral communication skills by expressing personal opinions about various writing genres.

ESC Levels and Duration

To s in this program (ESC), students must complete all the two levels of English Short Course for four months (4 months): Each level takes a duration of 2 month

  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Business Correspondence Writing


Textbooks/materials used: Pamphlets and handouts.

Students will take core courses using the Skillful textbook series by Macmillan. Skillful is a five-level course taking students from foundation to advanced. The core courses are meant to offer students the opportunity to develop language skills by presenting them with ideas from today’s world while building critical thinking skills that are vital for academic success.

As its name suggests, Skillful follows a skills-based approach. What is refreshing, however, is that each unit has been carefully compiled to encourage students to think more laterally about the English language, their studies, and the outside world. 

The students are first exposed to the unit through a more familiar, or global passage with approachable vocabulary to ensure they are composed and confident with their task. The second, and longer text has more details that necessitate the student to think more, requiring them to engage fully with the associated tasks.