Our Teachers​

We offer a unique learning environment of highly qualified teachers whose rigorous teaching methods and high standards have proven effective in helping students of all levels attain their academic goals.

We hire the best English teachers who love to help you learn! Our teachers are certified and know the best techniques to help you learn English. They get to know you individually and are able to track your progress with state-of-the-art analytics. They see the areas you need support and give you activities to improve. With professional teaching institutes that have extensive experience in delivering high-quality, up-to-date language instruction. The IML is well-suited to provide an invigorating English program for our local partners!.


They are highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced. As English teachers they know how to use and teach English for everyday use.


They are dynamic and enthusiastic. They will inspire you to keep learning to achieve your goals.


They make learning fun! They are committed to offering you well-prepared and creative lessons for an entertaining learning experience.

Adado learning center


Our teachers are dedicated professionals. They get to know you personally. They offer advice and support, and are your partners on your journey to learning English