Main Campus​

Main campus offers Academic English for undergraduate students. IML peer-teaching are available on your instructor’s handbook. We provide all English Skills required for Academic purposes to enhance students in all subjects covered in their respective faculty. Students can receive additional online resource support with Macmillan online tutoring resources. Admin campus offers its English programs in the evening at the convenience of our clients. IML collaborates with businesses, banks, non-governmental organizations, universities, and educational agencies to create specially designed programs for groups with specific English needs. Our special programs have included: listening and speaking, business correspondence, Academic writing, language skills for lecturers teaching in English, and short training and development. With professional teaching institutes that have extensive experience in delivering high-quality, up-to-date language instruction. The IML is well-suited to provide an invigorating English program for our local partners!.

Admin campus program is designed for a semester, two-month customized program. The IML is happy to work with our partners to run programs of different lengths, from 4 months to 16 months. The English Skills Program (ESP) is the first well-structured English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in Somalia that equips learners with communicative, functional, social and academic English and study skills needed to succeed in postsecondary studies and beyond. In addition to its rigorous English skills training, the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course will propel the much-needed essential academic skills for success in higher education: critical thinking, learner autonomy, study skills, time management, and organizational skills as well as information literacy and social justice.