Welcome to Institute of Modern Languages

IML provides a sanctuary where both teachers and students can leave distractions behind and concentrate on their work. Every element of the institute is dedicated to the improvement and enrichment of students’ English Skills. We provide an environment free of the indifference typical of a corporate franchise and the corresponding drudgery of formulaic teaching methods. Caring, dedicated teachers and comfortable, organized classrooms with tasteful decor reflecting literacy and cultural diversity enhance students’ positive learning experience.

The English Skills Program

A well-structured in-sessional program that offers concurrent or in-sessional English for General Academic Purposes training to students while they also take courses in their majors.


Learn English with Institute of Modern Languages

Business English Courses for Your Company

As well as our Business English course being specifically tailored towards the professional environment we also have additional resources that your staff can make the most of. These resources are provided in order to allow your staff a chance to tackle business-style language and situations, better equipping them for the business world. Not only will these resources promote practical skills and knowledge, they will also contribute to your employees’ confidence in speaking English.

  • In-Company Learning

    Learning occurs around your company schedule allowing you to fit the training into your daily operations.

  • In-Center Learning

    A complete immersion experience in convenient center locations.


What is it like to be an IML student?

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Mohamed Abdullahi Osoble IML External Program, Admin Campus

I really love the Institute of Modern Languages online platform. The materials are incredibly similar to the ones we use in-center, and they are very user-friendly for teachers. The ability to chat with students is useful, as well as the Breakout Rooms for dividing the students into pairs or small groups. All of these tools add a degree of flexibility to the online teaching experience which keeps classes exciting and engaging. I deeply miss my center’s students, of course, but it’s a delight when I get to see them online! … I love being able to connect with students, not only in my class but across all levels. Life is so divided and isolated right now. When I teach online – and when students study online – we form a community. I love the connection.

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Zakaria Hassan Ahmed, IML Student

Studying at Institute of Modern Languages has helped me to be confident, to be brave, and to have the ability to do what I have never imagined I could do. I’m not afraid of speaking to foreigners, dealing with others in English and traveling abroad alone anymore.

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IML Student

Best in class. Great course, excellent learning method, unique experience and fantastic staff

Reasons to learn with Institute of Modern Languages

We offer you a personalized English student experience. We understand that learning a new language can be hard and that’s why we offer small classes, a dedicated staff member to support you and a personalized schedule.

That means that you can start learning English at any time of year, you can study at any day of the week and you can fit your learning around your schedule. We have a range of levels from foundation to mastery or from starter to level 3 so that you will have a learning program specifically for what you need.

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